"Central Florida Earthmoving Contractor"

Since 1962 McDonald Construction has served the Phosphate industry in all forms of earthwork construction. We started our business performing small plant site development and helping our customers with their miscellaneous side projects, such as cleaning ditches, plant maintenance and small land reclamation projects.

As the industry began to grow, we also began expanding with more people and equipment. Our experiences grew to earthen dam construction; gypsum stack maintenance and mine support activities.

In 1973 we started performing all earthwork for IMC Mining and Minerals. We dedicated a fleet of 100 Plus machines that were used only for work on IMC projects. We constructed all their dams and performed all the land reclamation and mine support activities.

Since 1990 we have diversified our earthmoving to other markets. We have completed housing community projects, performing all earthwork for retention ponds, streets and building pads. We have constructed Highway projects as a subcontractor, again being responsible for all earthwork phases. We have constructed golf courses at Buena Vista-Disney World, Eaglebrook in Lakeland, and Deer Island in Mt. Dora. We were part of Disney's Animal Kingdom construction team and performed all earthwork for the initial 550 acres of this theme park, all lake construction, animal protection berms, safari theme ride, and parking areas. We are also experienced in new gypsum dike construction, closures and maintenance. In all of the above areas we are a very environmentally sensitive organization and are proud of our relationships with all the federal and local branches of governmental agencies.

We currently employ 450 people and have a fleet of over 350 pieces of heavy equipment. Our greatest assets are our company trained and dedicated employees.

We have the experience for your project.


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