Dam Construction

Since 1962 McDonald Construction has built in excess of 175 miles of earthen dams. They consist of over 216 million cubic yards of material, with dike wall heights from 10' to 110' feet high. Project size varies from 1OO acres to 1000 + Acres. Projects include spillway installation, Fabri-Form pads, toe drain and down drains.

Most Recent Projects
Cargill Fertilizer SFM-3 Clay Settling Area
Construction of earthen dike clay settling area. 480 acres enclosed by 19,430 linear feet of perimeter dam. Embankment crests were in the range of 47 to 52 feet above original natural ground and in the range of 82 to 92 feet above mine pit bottoms, to a minimum crest elevation of 177 .0 Elv. The Settling area included three 54" spillway structures and culverts. Ft. Meade, Florida
CF Industries Inc. ISA Dam
Construction of 24,000 linear feet of Clay Settling Area. Included two spillway Structures, with approximately 9,150,000 CY of earthen embankment.
CF Industries Inc. E-l Dam
Construction of 15,500 linear feet of Clay Settling Area. Included two spillway structures, sand filter, clay blanket, and 4,373,000 CY of embankment.
Farmland Hydro L.P. Gypsum Stack Expansion
Construction of 320 Acre composite lined gypsum Stack. Construction included preparing mined land for new construction. Installation of dewatering system, excavation, filling, and construction of earthen dams. Modification of the existing seepage and runoff collection area. Covering 60 mil polyethylene liner with two feet of gypsum for secondary containment.

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